Innovation services of Social Innolabs include:

  • Automatic publication on the Web of news and innovation activities generated by  members of the organisation.
  • Publication on demand of news and press releases.
  • Support services to the pre-validation of innovative business ideas
  • Technological Surveillance services
  • Identification of funding sources for R&D&i projects  and entrepreneurship
  • Incubation services for innovative ideas
  • Search for funding.
  • Services for private and institutional investors in startups
  • Development of applications and  consultancy services

The network of collaborators of Social Innolabs is held in a large number of experts in multiple technological and social disciplines. They are part of the social spaces of innovation deployed all around of Spain.

Many of these collaborators come from the academic sector and from other IT organisations with a strong interest for social technological research.

 Social Innolabs partners focus their technological expertise in areas such as:

  • Bigdata
  • Mobile applications and portals
  • Data capture systems
  • IoT services
  • Platforms for electronic labeling
  • Indoor positioning
  • Information and platform security